Here are the new rules for Instagram hashtags and how you can find the right hashtags for your business:. Instagram recently rolled out the ability to follow hashtags which means that instead of a user having to search for an Instagram hashtag and scroll through an endless feed to hopefully land on your content, your posts could now show up automatically in the feeds of potential new followers. While this information is meant to tell the Instagram algorithm what sort of content a user enjoys, having too many of your posts marked in this manner could potentially raise a red flag on your account and negatively affect all of your other content as well. Instead, try looking for ultra-niche community hashtags that are specifically relevant to the content you post. Some may be specifically for small businesses, while others might be about fashion and ecommerce. The key is to collect and categorize them so that when they are used in a post, you can easily tell which pulls in the most engagement on your post. The first step to getting other users to share your branded hashtag is to use it yourself. Watch Alex Tooby chat more about Instagram Stories for small businesses, hashtags and building a strategy for success in this video:. We recommend choosing hashtags that describe your account, your business, and your target market. You can also hashtags that describe your ideal customer like babyfoodie, girlmom, boymom, and babyontheway, along with community hashtags for parents like motherhoodunplugged, letthembelittle, and dailyparenting.

How To Date The Instagram Girl You’ve Never Met

Take a look at our new blog for updated instructions and key information for optimizing your Instagram for Business account. Since the update, the social platform as introduced a number of other features for Business profiles, including Instagram Shopping and Instagram TV. Brands can create a Business profile by connecting their Facebook page remember that Facebook owns Instagram to their Instagram account.

Post Summary: How to beat the Instagram algorithm in and tips I used to If you want the best chance at growing your account and beating the Instagram algorithm, Keep up to date with the profiles that matter the most you and turn on post more time looking at what we post, so the Instagram algorithm favors us.

At that time, I had no idea that 16 months later, the account will grow to more than , followers. Laser targeted Instagram followers, engaging with my content, telling friends about my account, visiting my website and subscribing to my email list. Each month, more than 12, people follow my account and 1, -1, of them subscribe to my email list. I want to show you how to get more followers on Instagram and achieve the same results, but there are a lot of myths people believe and mistakes they are making that stop them from growing their accounts.

Now you have about two or three seconds to attract their attention. The worst scenario is, not having any description at all. This makes you look like you are not serious. The only place where you can put a clickable link is in your BIO — use it!

EBR 024: Using Social Media To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett born April 16, , known professionally as Chance the Rapper , is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, activist, actor, and philanthropist. He began to gain mainstream recognition in after releasing his second mixtape, Acid Rap , which gained acclaim. It earned him three Grammy Awards , including the award for Best Rap Album ; upon winning, it became the first streaming -only album to win a Grammy Award, and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Alongside his solo career, Chance the Rapper is a member of the Chicago collective Savemoney , and is the vocalist for the band the Social Experiment; they released the album Surf in May , led by trumpeter Nico Segal.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett was born in Chicago , Illinois. Bennett’s interest in music began with Michael Jackson , who he exclusively listened to on cassettes until the fifth grade.

How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram with Later; Business Profiles Can Track ability to “follow” hashtags, meaning you can now stay up-to-date on various to give your content an added chance to be discovered by new audiences. Happy to help– and don’t feel discouraged, it’s happening to all of us.

Instagram giveaways are limited-time promotions in which brands promise to give away a product or service to one or more lucky entrants according to a specified set of criteria. Household-name brands and small businesses alike use Instagram giveaways to create buzz about new product lines, reach new fans, and grow their social followings. Sometimes the prizes are incredible, while others may be… a little lackluster. Although you can run an Instagram giveaway for just about any reason you can think of, the two primary reasons you may want to consider this kind of promotion are:.

Ideally, a good Instagram giveaway should accomplish both of these goals. A highly shareable post will drive social shares by itself, which leads to greater exposure and impression share, while the giveaway entry criteria should accomplish the secondary goal of growing your Instagram audience. The more people participate, the farther your post will be shared, which means more entries, which means more followers, which means more shares… you get the idea.

Only you can decide on the value of a giveaway. Viewing the experience as an investment, rather than a loss, however, may make it easier to reconcile. So now what? Well, now you have to actually set up and run your giveaway. Before you get started actually running your Instagram giveaway, you need to decide on a suitable prize for the lucky entrant s to win. Before she did anything else, she decided that she would offer a bundle of products known as the Party Pack as the prize for her giveaway.

To Nicky, this was the ideal product for an Instagram giveaway; enough to entice people to enter the giveaway more on this momentarily , yet not so expensive that it would be detrimental to sales revenues.

Chance the Rapper

They felt like pity likes to me — something he was doing to soften the blow. His potentially mindless double-tapping forced me to break our non-contact with a text; I felt pathetic asking him to knock it off. So why did I care so much?

He decided to take a chance and reach out in his direct messages. “The theory is that whoever are your biggest stalkers on Instagram are at the top,” Ms. Fisher said, Why the U.S. Dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan. Aug.

Maybe more than once. Maybe more than once a day who are we to judge? Fear not friends — read on for our guide on how to make your dog Instagram famous, thanks to the lovely human behind tomasathefrenchie, Jess. Sick of dreaming about how to make your dog Instagram famous and ready to make it a reality? Be OK with changing it up in the early days, but once you find the style that suits you, run with it and own it. I had never thought about doing that and thus begin tomasathefrenchie.

I also realized that the phone camera would not cut it, so I invested in a DSLR camera and the account really transformed once I did this. Instagram is all about having a story, a personality, and great quality photos. But you know what they say about working with animals and children? She is at her happiest in those moments.

After that, I do spend quite a lot of time in Lightroom making sure that the photo is perfect, editing is a form of therapy for me. A sneaky tip from Jess for making the most of photoshoots? Taking photos of the same little furry face no matter how adorable it is is bound to get boring after a while. This is normal, and the only way to get around it is to mix things up constantly and stay inspired.

Guardian Soulmates has come to an end

After all, shooters gonna shoot, so why miss a potential opportunity by not even taking the chance, right? While online dating apps are cool and all, many dudes find themselves either embarrassed or bored with the selection on them, opting for a different way of trying to meet someone. And, as you can probably guess, that means lots of DMs to girls they come across on Instagram.

Asking 1, guys between the ages of to spill the beans about their Instagram habits, Mirror found out that plenty of guys are trying to get lucky, using it as more of a psuedo dating app than ever before. In fact, according to the results of the study guys are doing more than just sliding into DMs. Here are some of the key findings from the study.

Show us how you wore your SORELs this weekend for a chance to be featured in Likes, 7 Comments – SOREL (@sorelfootwear) on Instagram: I was on a second date with a pretty great guy when he started talking.

When Instagram first popped onto the scene back in , it was just like any other social platform: filled with selfies, pets, and pictures of food. In the last year alone, Instagram has released dozens of new tool for businesses, including advanced analytics, shoppable Instagram posts, and new ways to drive traffic from Instagram Stories, and the new standalone video platform, IGTV. Whether you work in ecommerce, education, or media and publishing, it pays to build a presence on Instagram.

But if you really want to get ahead, you need to know the platform and your audience inside and out, including what kind of content resonates most, how to build an Instagram Stories strategy, and how to track your metrics and KPIs. But why? Because of this visual nature, Instagram holds massive opportunities for ecommerce businesses looking to showcase their products. Whether through regular photos, videos, or Instagram Stories, millions of businesses have learned that building a visual presence on Instagram can hugely compliment their ecommerce marketing.

Another reason Instagram is so great for ecommerce has to do with the platform itself.

How I Beat The 2020 Instagram Algorithm & Gained 100K+ Followers

To learn how to use Instagram tagging for more exposure, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch this video:. Only the content creator can tag people in the post itself but an mention can be done on any content by anyone. You may be wondering why you would want to tag an account if you could simply mention them.

I want to show you how to get more followers on Instagram and achieve the same than normal stuff = Instagram will decrease your chance on the explore page.

For now, Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media scene for marketers. According to Forrester , engagement — measured by likes, shares and comments from consumers — is also off the chart, boasting a rate of 4. Against this backdrop, proactive marketers are seeking ways to increase Instagram engagement despite some setbacks. Brands need to be active in order to attract followers and boost engagement rates — but how active? According to studies, the sweet spot is a consistent posts a day.

This way your feed stays fresh and relevant, and you have more opportunities to attract eyeballs to your content. Recommended post times can vary wildly depending on which expert you listen to.

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